Who I Am

Khalil Family Mini 2021

👋🏼 My name is Jacqueline Paige Khalil; I’m a Canadian wife,  mother of three and this website is dedicated to the creative adventures I keep myself busy with! I’ve worn many hats over the years – careers as a registered hygienist, lifestyle blogger, digital content creator, family photographer and owner of Jacqueline Paige Photography and the founder and pageant director for the Miss Border City Windsor Pageant – all of which you can learn and read more about on this site!

I have two sons and one daughter – Noah (09/22/2016), Gabriel (04/21/2018), and Ruby (06/30/20) who have completely transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. They’re the best things that ever could have happened to us and talk a lot about them, my marriage, our experiences and lives on my site!


So why create this website, you may ask? As I mentioned above, motherhood has steered my life into a completely different direction and changed who I am. I’ve learned SO much through the process, and believe I have a lot to contribute and share with others! From life hacks, professional and creative projects to self help and personal growth, my experiences (both good and bad) and little secrets to success are things that I want to share with the world. If I can help even one person by making life a little bit easier,  feeling like you’re not alone or just laugh and say in your head “I feel ya, girl!” then I’ll have done what I set out to do!

Khalil Family Mini 2021

So join me on the crazy train! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this raw/honest/beautiful/chaotic display of my life!