Brick by Brick

"In case you need to hear these words today: It's ok if you aren't where you want to be quite yet - because nothing worth having  comes easy, or is built overnight. In life, whether it be your career, education, a relationship; building a house or building a family, losing weight/getting healthy, raising your children etc. there will be highs and lows, mountains and valleys, in the journey to get to your destination. How much more do you appreciate the hill you're proudly standing on if you've sat in the valley below, staring up and dreaming of being up there, after all the hard work of the climb?"

It Was All a Dream – G’s Hip Hop Crib

"When I told people I was going to put a picture of Biggy above my kids crib a lot of them looked at me like WTF, or said I was crazy. But I think it's frickin' awesome, and just like anything else in parenthood - it's your child, your home, your choices - your life! And it's too short not to have a rapper's picture displayed in your house if you want to, cool graffiti prints on the walls, or lyrics that you love posted up everywhere. If you can dream it - do it!"

When I’m Gone

"These are my deepest feelings about the little boy who stole my heart, and I wasn't sure if I could share them with the world. But then I decided I wanted to - for every parent who feels spread thin; those of us struggling to keep it all together, and wish they could say the words and communicate to their little ones who can't understand them yet, that our intentions are good and we will always be there for them - always. "