Rise And Grind: My Coffee Bar

Ahhhh, coffee… a long-time buddy of mine. My best friend in college; a sidekick throughout my 20’s as a career woman and as a mother who had 2 babies under two it’s pretty much become my elixir of life. It’s not just the actual caffeine per say; I truly enjoy it’s taste and flavor, and when I wake up in the morning and smell that strong, fresh scent in the kitchen I’m reminded that lived to see another day, and that I will (most likely) survive another one. My husband is also an avid coffee drinker and we often host guests and serve coffee in our home, so I wanted to design a special space dedicated to one of my favorite indulgences-turned-necessity. I was especially happy to include some handmade small shop items to personalize the pieces and get exactly what I envisioned, and was able to use local shops as well. I’m proud of what I came up with, my very own personalized coffee bar that I enjoy so much and use literally every day!

First thing to find was the perfect sidebar. I knew I wanted a rustic look that was light in color and found this beautiful one from a local shop called City Cottage Co. who re-purposes pieces and creates an eclectic mix of vintage and antique furniture.


Next was an important aspect – a great coffee maker! I use the Mr. Coffee single cup coffee maker, which has its own grinder and comes with an on-the-go cup so I can have fresh coffee and take it to go when I’m running around with the boys!


To personalize the space and make it feel homey I found the perfect sign from Roman Valley Farm to add a simple and classic look to the space. The shop owner had the best concept and designs, and created this piece to fit into the theme perfectly!


I needed a way to store and display mugs I’d gathered for guests, and found the most amazing wood worker/engraver/designer locally, J. Waters Designs. I described to him exactly what I wanted and envisioned and he hand made this amazing “#Muglife” mug holder.


I wanted a couple of mugs for just my husband and I (when we do get that occasional coffee together on an early Saturday morning), and found these adorable personalized mugs from Smunny Designs to match us perfectly. And because out guests may need a little reminder, I got these hilarious coasters from Yoga Coaster – just in case.



To give it some Christmas spirit I got these adorable framed ‘Tis The Season’ and ‘Better Not Pout’ framed signs from another local shop, Gorgeous Wreck, which pulled the whole festive look together perfectly.


All of the white clay mugs on my #Muglife display as well as the coffee, tea, cream and sugar containers are by Rae Dunn. I absolutely love her simple, minimalist approach to design!


I’ve included the names of all shops I used with links below. Each and every one was so amazing to work with, and I was so pleased with how everything came together! Like I said before, as a mother the idea of having a warm drink or minute to myself to enjoy it has become a precious commodity. It’s inevitable that we have those ‘multiple cups of coffee necessary’ kinds of days, so I was happy to have a little space to organize and enjoy it when they do occur. May your coffee be strong, and the hardest of your days be short. Cheers! ☕️

Khalil Farms Co. Sign – Roman Valley Farm

#Muglife Mug Holder : J. Waters Designs

Sidebar: City Cottage Co.

Custom Coffee Mugs: Smunny Designs

Don’t F*ck Up the Table Coasters: Yoga Coaster

Single Cup Coffee Brewer: Mr.Coffee

Christmas Frames: Gorgeous Wreck Custom Designs

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