“Every time I see your pics or read your posts Jacqueline, I truly believe you were born to be a mother. I always find it fascinating and lovely.  It is so well written that it almost feel like therapy (the good kind).”- Giovanna P.

“I just want to say that I love your blog. My dad is Lebanese and my mom is American. She didn’t grow up following any religion so naturally we grew up Muslim. My mom never converted but she stood by us through all the obstacles. It was hard growing up fighting growing up Muslim and living in the US, but people like you who speak up about Islam so I thank you for that it. Thank you for speaking so positively about Islam.” – Reema A.

“Jacqueline, you could not have expressed better the love, understanding and compassion of a mother. It is beautifully written and resonates with all mothers in the world.” – Veronica H.

“Just want to tell you I don’t read a lot of blogs but I really enjoy your writing. It feels very truthful and natural. I was laughing out loud reading about the reasons why not to have kids.” – Annie F.

”I really knew nothing about it before your post. Loved reading it and gaining understanding; looking forward to many more blogs lady! You have a great writing style and a great take on the topics you explore. Your blogs are literally the only ones I read. Most I can’t get into; I find yours relatable.” – Elysia H.

“I can totally relate to this. I seriously just love reading your posts! I can relate to so many of them. They are such beautifully written!  You have immense talent and such a beautiful soul inside and out!!” – Heather P.

“Jacqueline, I’m really loving your new website. Your writing is great, as is your insight and most importantly, your honesty.” – Meaghan L.

“Love love love your blog! Thank you for sharing your experience, we never know who we can reach just by being real.” – Terrie F.

“With kids that are very close in age to yours, I can completely relate. I read this while trying to quickly rock my youngest to sleep so I could rush back to my oldest who is plunked at the tv right now. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to slow down and be present.”- Sarah Jane M.

“I’m thinking you should be a writer for a living.  I love reading your blog. You’re funny, informative and engaging! I love it, you really should be published, you are dead on.” – Ruth B.

“I’m completely floored, crying and in awe of your beautiful post, bravery and heart. Great content and love having your personality pop out in the writing, as I can imagine the expressions and tone perfectly! Makes sense cause it’s real and it’s you! Keep being YOU and sharing yourself with the world.” – Nicole M.

“What a beautiful poem for your kids. Well written and definitely resonates with my emotions as well trying to juggle my time between two kids and mom guilt. Thanks for sharing!’ – Marianne C.

“This was one of the best reads I’ve ever read, written with a different story yet very relatable at the same time…. love it and so happy for you. This is so well said, every single part of it. Each one that I’ve read so far is beyond amazing; this girl can write, is so good & impactful with words and has an amazing prospective on everything in life, I love reading them, seriously, check her blogs out, you’ll love them too, such good reads.” – Crystal D.

“Thank you for shedding light on such a misunderstood subject! So gorgeous inside and out.” – Manal A.

“It’s really beautiful; I find your strength and growth insanely beautiful. I’m so glad to see you have found your true happiness.” – Tara W.

“The part about the questions people ask made me laugh. I love that you’re sharing some of your experience. People need to hear it and you do it so well! Love the article as always!!! Thank you for doing this blog!’ – Kelly C.