My Rainbow Maternity Project

An extremely important role of my job as a photographer is capturing the moments that are most precious, meaningful, and significant to my clients. I’ve written about how photography is so much more than just a job for me – it’s a calling, a passion, and an absolute joy; it’s something that I can feel in my heart with literally every snap that I take, and every client I’m blessed to work with. Something I’m extremely passionate about is my quest for spreading positive thoughts and energy, and more than anything else one of my goals is to take all that this beautiful life has blessed me with and give it back to the world, tenfold. It was when a mom friend of mine suffered the most unthinkable loss and I felt so incredibly helpless that the idea of my next project came to fruition. I didn’t know how to tell her that it would get better someday; to look toward the brightness when all was dark, when she felt so lost and hopeless. My words felt blank and empty; like there was so much I could say to her but nothing I could actually show, proving that things could eventually (start) to get better – and that there was still so, so much to look forward to.

I decided then that I wanted to do something magical and full of hope for women like her who had been through the unthinkable pain of infertility, miscarriage or infant loss. I knew the best way I could do this is through portraits; I truly believe that visual images can evoke intense emotions and feelings, without saying a word. So I started working on my ‘Rainbow Maternity Project’ – a complimentary photo session for several strong, beautiful and brave women, all carrying the precious little miracle that was given to them after their loss. I held an open model call asking for 6-8  local women pregnant with their rainbow babies who would like to participate in my project, and planned to continue documenting them with their little miracles in the future. The response was overwhelming; there were literally almost 100 women who reached out, telling me their rainbow baby stories and offering to participate. I narrowed it down to seven absolutely amazing women based on their situation and stories, who you will see showcased in these portraits.

Jenna, Danielle, Vikki, Brittany, Krista, Jillian, and Priscilla.

Below you’ll see images from the session. Please enjoy and feel free to share with anyone who may need to see these today. I pray that these images come across even just one woman who has felt the unbearable ache of loss, and thought she couldn’t get through one more day. I hope she sees these seven beautiful woman standing before her, proudly showing that they continued to go on, and never gave up on the dream that they had for their life. I hope she sees that she is SO not alone in her pain; she is not just #1in4 or some statistic – she is a woman standing side-by-side with millions of others –  just like the beautiful mothers who stand before her in these portraits. And most of all, I want to showcase the absolute beauty, bravery and strength that can exist if you don’t lose hope; that we each deserve happiness and it CAN happen again, after the pain. 











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